Personal Coolers

ADARON made of this type of smaller spaces air cooler. These are often called ‘mini air coolers’ too. These coolers are well known for energy saving and also cleans the air in your surroundings to provide fresh, cool air.

Tower Coolers

ADARON made Tower Air Coolers are capable of cooling a bigger area or space and thus they are also very powerful. Tower coolers can provide cooling in bigger spaces, and in lesser time as they distribute air vertically.

Window Coolers

As the name suggests, ADARON window air coolers are best to be installed on the window frame. The unit contains a tank that is outside the house when installed and it takes up no space inside the house.

Desert air Coolers

Desert air coolers are suitable for places where humidity is low and the temperature is high. These coolers also work on the principle of evaporating heat from water and pushing cool air.