Two Wheeler Battery

Speeding ahead to capture the market for two wheeler batteries, ADARON manufactures and supplies bike and scooter batteries to most two wheeler manufacturers in India. Today, ADARON is rapidly moving to be amongst one of the best two wheeler battery manufacturers in India. An ADARON bike battery is designed with the latest VRLA and world-class Calcium Effects Technology, suited for all models and makes of two wheelers in India.

Two wheelers have become a necessity for most Indians who have to commute from one place to another on a daily basis. From office goers to the delivery boy, from college students to your family, everyone desires a two wheeler as it make commuting easier and faster especially in a country like India, with congested traffic conditions, meandering lanes and narrow roads. With ADARON two wheeler batteries powering your bike, you can enjoy all your rides, be it for work or pleasure. Our two wheeler batteries are made with the latest technologies and designs to power your bike or scooter with a quick start and give you smooth rides across all terrains. Besides, every ADARON two wheeler battery in India comes at a price to fit your pocket.